Rob Hefele

Triptych of fun

A few dudes have asked me about this story, Rebel Yoga, “Tara Stiles, former model turned unconventional yoga teacher, shrugs off criticism from purists by asking, ‘Who made these rules?'” By the way, I love how the New York Times is alway right on top of all the Important Yoga News. Well, I’m a curmudgeon and a formalist and just fussy about some things, but yoga’s not one of them. I’m way late to the game, and I don’t really have a beef with what anyone’s doing. There are classes and teachers, philosophies and non-philosophies for everyone. Some people enjoy being barked at by a bully in a loin cloth, and those people enjoy Bikram. People will find the yoga they need. Everyone starts somewhere. This chick’s got lots of fans, so she must be doing something right.

One thing I know for sure about yoga is that it’s really fun to be upside-down. Which is why I spent Saturday morning at Happy Buddha Yoga Lounge in Tampa, throwing my legs over my head at Rob Hefele’s Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop. Yay!

In these photos, my friend and business partner Katelyn is demonstrating being a badass, while I am demonstrating sitting on my ass. I don’t think the pose on the left has a name. It’s half something, half another. The second one is Dwi Pada Koundinyasana. (It looks like breakdancing, right? This woman thought so, too.)

That’s Rob helping a guy into a forearm stand called Pincha Mayurasana, or Peacock Feather Pose, naturally. I didn’t totally nail it at the workshop without a wall or spotter, but after my class last night I DID. Once you’re up you can just arch your back and hang out there. Feels good.


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