Welcome to Beerasana Blogazine

Hear Ye: first draft of a statement of mission

Hey yoga peeps and former readers of Heck’s Kitchen. Welcome to this new Internet Concern, wherein we shall endeavor to persuade you (even you) of the merits of yoga practice; to mildly entertain you; and to be unlike Yoga Journal. Yoga Journal is the magazine that largely created our Industry, and for my giant yoga paycheck I thank them. Nevertheless, here commences an unheroic effort to shape a new aesthetic and attitude outside of what is sold as yoga today in the U.S. Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a slob and often angry, but the YJ‘s clean, perfect models with their permament face fulls of benevolence, practicing in pastel-painted rooms with billowing white curtains on the tops of cliffs, annoy me. Beerasana shall eschew the typeface Papyrus. We will mock ridiculous products, like yoga toe socks, even if they’re modeled on hot naked ladies (unless those hot naked ladies are my friends, and they are nakedly mocking yoga toe socks). (Unless yoga toe socks wishes to advertise on our site, in which case we will create a new mission statement that says, Buy Yoga Toe $ocks.)

Very broadly, we are here to talk about yoga. “Yoga” might sometimes mean pictures of my cat.  Below is a backfill of half-assed yoga-related content dated back to 2002 from the old Kitchen. I hope you will sample that stuff and decide to come back for more.

To summarize, yoga is for everyone, even you.

Asana = Seat
Beer = beer
Belly up.


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