Kinetic Vigilantes

I’m trying to get the voiceover recorded for our new abs video, but Waffles isn’t cooperating. Apparently the cat joined up with the Screen Actors Guild when I wasn’t looking. I sentenced her to solitary in the bathroom closet and hit play.

Meanwhile, I like these kids out in Bellevue, WA, Kinetic Vigilantes. I like their look and their attitude, and they generously post instructional videos every Tuesday on their YouTube channel, so subscribe, bookmark, etc. And while you’re over there, let the Power of Internets Compel You to subscribe to Beerasana’s YouTube channel, too. We’ll be posting videos every week, too. Once we resolve our labor issues.

I taught Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II and Astavakrasana in class the other night, but most of my students looked at me like I was crazy. Half at least tried, and some have got it down. But this dude can transition from one to the other, which takes mad strength and stretchiness. They call them 8 Limb and Scissor Pose, in the Martin Luther tradition. Check him out.


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