Yoga for Bikers

My sister’s girlfriend spends her free time writing beautiful songs and making adorable videos. My girlfriend spends her free time picking fights with Nature, though Nature be armed with waves, boulders, and gravity. So it’s fitting that on the day they went mountain biking together, Nathalia made a little movie of it. Yes, there are some hills in Florida.


A lot of the normal-life stuff we do tightens up our frontsides and weakens our backsides: hunching over this machine, for example. That’s why I LOVE BACKBENDS. Cyclists (and bikers) exacerbate this hunchy problem in their leisure time. You don’t want to get the kyphosis (or as Katelyn says, “HUNCHback”), even if it would improve your Halloween costume. Pedalers (and peddlers) develop tight, strong hammies, so those need attention and lengthening, as do your glutes (or as Katelyn says below, which she never says in class, “buttocks”). Also, your calves, hips, neck and shoulders. Alright? Here is a collage meant to illustrate what you don’t want to look like in your off-the-bike life.

dont be a t.rex

So today, Katelyn’s made one for all you athletes and mathletes, especially locomotors with a two-wheel preference. Please feel free to share your thoughts and unrelated opinions in the Beerasana Bar, aka the Dorkboard, at right.


Thank you, come again!


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