FAQs: Costa Rica Retreat

Thanks for all your questions about the retreat.  Here are some answers!  Please send any additional queries to info@beerasana.com.

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Question:  What kind of yoga will we be doing?  Will classes be suitable for beginners/advanced practitioners?  Do I have to do the yoga?

Yes We Can, have a sloth encounter.

Answers:  Our morning classes will be of the vinyasa-power-flow variety, so suitable for beginners, but designed to challenge everybody.  In class you’ll be encouraged to push yourself only to your own limits.  We’ll offer modifications and variations so everyone can get the most out of class.  One of us will be assisting while the other leads, so you’ll get some individual attention, too.   In short, the morning class will be a workout.  For our afternoon classes, we’ll offer a real mixed bag of yoga varieties:  Yin, restorative, slow flow, hip openers, backbending, and inversions.  And no, you don’t have to participate in ANY classes if you don’t want to.  But…..we think you’ll want to.

Question:  What’s up with accommodations?

Answer:  We can put you alone in a single.  We can put you in a double with your bestie, your significant other, your sister, or your date.  We can put you in group lodging (up to 6 people) if you’re looking for a more social/less expensive experience.  Dorm-style sleeping is in bunk-beds for an extra-campy time.  All the options are nice.  Just let us know with whom(s) you wish to room, or we will play matchmaker. Oh, remember: this is an eco-resort, which means, among other things, NO A/C.  That’s no air-conditioning!  It’ll be fine, but we don’t want you to be surprised.  And remember that you’re paying by the person, not by the room, so two people in a double, for example, is 2 x $1,200 = $2,400.  If you are two couples in a room with two beds, we can get you a better price (four people in a double will pay dorm price, for example). Two people (a couple) in a single room, still pay double price. There are different price options for families with kids so let us know if you are seriously thinking of bringing a little one and we’ll work it out with the resort.

Question:  Will there be beer?

Answer:  Good question.  There is a little bar on site that can be open daily upon request. We will request that it be open each evening from 7pm (when class ends and dinner starts) until 10pm.  Also, it is an easy and inexpensive cab ride into town, where we can hang out and provision to our hearts’ contents.

Question: What is the cancellation policy? Do I need to make a deposit?

Answer: ALL INFO HERE. A non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure your space in the retreat. The rest of the amount will be due on July 1. Any cancellations before July 1 will receive a full refund, less the $200 deposit. Between July 1 and August 1, cancellations will receive half of their money back. After August 1, no money is refundable as we will have already sent it to The Goddess Garden. This policy mirrors the policy of The Goddess Garden Resort and ensures that Katelyn and Jenny won’t get stuck paying for you if you have to bail.

Question: Are all of the optional excursions available every day?

Answer: The sloth sanctuary might be closed on Sunday. Otherwise, yes, all of the excursions are available every day.

Question: What dates should I book my airfare?

Answer: Travel days are August 18 and 27. YOU ARE FLYING INTO SAN JOSE. We’ll be sleeping at the hotel airport the nights of the 18th and the 26th. Hotel and shuttle both times are INCLUDED.  That’s right. Floridians: We are finding the cheapest flights on JetBlue out of Orlando. Hotel Aeropuerto pays for one taxi per room, so if you are not arriving at the same time as your double or triple, the second and/or third person will have to pay for a cab to the hotel, which is 2,000 Colones (about 4 US Dollars).

Katelyn and Jenny are flying out of Orlando on Saturday August 18 on JetBlue, Flight 1695 at 10:10am, arriving in San Jose at 11:14am.  We depart on Monday, August 27, Flight 1696 at 12:10pm, returning to Orlando at 5:30pm.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: You can reserve your spot via PayPal, but we have to add their 3% fee. The cheapest way is to send your check to Beerasana Productions, 1305 16th Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Etc.   Food at mealtimes is plentiful and delicious.  You WILL want to bring some extra cash for optional  Eco-Tours, outings to town, and the really, really good massage therapist.  That’s all I can think of for now.  We’re really excited about our first-ever retreat!  It’s gonna be a great time.

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