Shear Me

Should yoga be in the Games?  This is the query punnily posited by the CBS News article, Yoga poses as Olympic sport: Is that a stretch? Their poll questions: “Sure. It’s an athletic display of strength, balance and flexibility,” or “No. Yoga is a spiritual, meditative discipline; it’s not a competition.”

Well, yeah, to all of that. But take yoga and strip it down to its postures, and most of us would rather be watching gymnastics.  Ultimate displays of strength, flexibility and balance are already in the Olympics.  Hatha yoga is, basically, exercise.  And we don’t have an Elliptical event.  We don’t have a jogging competition.  No one wants to see the World’s Greatest Jazzerciser.  You know what I mean?

Some people are more beautiful to watch than others in their practice, obviously.  Some people make a very fine Rabbit.  Some people can do really swell arm balances.  But I’m rooting for yoga’s main competition:  the sheep shearers and the pole dancers.  Yeah.  That’s something I don’t see 5 times a week.

A Bikram Rabbit Abroad

Naturally this push comes from the Bikram people, who (and they’re not alone) think their yoga is THE Yoga, and would like to keep pushing the brand. “Five are compulsory — standing head-to-knee pose, standing bow-pulling pose, bow pose, rabbit pose, and stretching pose.” Really? Zzzzzzzzzzz.

I think Katelyn has a different view on this.  To summarize, here’s something you probably shouldn’t watch.


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