Rasa-Lila Wasn’t Boring, But This Post Is

Beerasana weekended at the yoga festival!  We were working this year, so we couldn’t get to everything, unfortunately, but we both took some very inspiring classes and one very terrible one.  On the first night, our friend Shila Tirabassi spotted a gentleman joyfully prancing about in tiny shorts, and decided immediately that she had to take his class the next day.  She probably recognized him as a former fellow classical ballet dancer.

Jaye Martin at work.  I'm thankfully right behind him.

Jaye Martin at work. I'm thankfully hidden right behind him.

His name is Jaye Martin, and his class was called “Opening the Lotus Heart.”  Oh my.  He lovingly woo-wooed us through a series of postures emphasizing backbending. He had us hanging on our neighbors’ arms for supported balancing, and dropped in some nice Sanskrit bits, like when he had us gyrating in “lady snake in heat” pose.  The word nāginī means female snake, and Jaye emphasized that it is not pronounced na-GEE-nee, but NAH-ginee; just as yogini (a female practitioner) isn’t pronounced yo-GEE-nee, but YO-ginee.  “That’s Spanish!” he said. 

Nice assist, Jen! Nice pants, person!

Anyway, I loved Jaye.  Anusara guy, says his bio.  We also enjoyed a class with Ana Forrest-trained Elizabeth Pope of Yogani Studios in Tampa.  Katelyn says you can always tell the Forrest people by their crazy pants. (Katelyn loves Ana Forrest so much she’s switched part-time to crazy pants herself. ) She also really dug a class by Tymi Howard (more on that later) and I got to max relax with a Yoga Nidra by Yogani (YO-ganee?) owner Annie Okerlin.  I need to get over the bridge to take a regular class from her.  Cindy Mastry and Jen Lowery, owners of Yoga Etc. Studio, taught a partner class that I wasn’t able to catch, but I’ve taken it before and it’s super fun.  Great stretches.

Ok, this is a really boring post and it’s probably obvious that I’m also watching the Women’s Championship game.  Griner and Baylor are killing Notre Dame.  I just wanted to say thanks and kudos to Nathan Bangs and the whole Tampa Bay-area yoga community.  We’re damn glad to live here.

Thanks to Michelle, Willie and Cindy for the pics!

Shila, Michelle, and Cindy.  Aww.

Shila, Michelle, and Cindy. Aww.


7 responses to “Rasa-Lila Wasn’t Boring, But This Post Is”

  1. Nancy Beck says :

    Huh? I’ve been pronouncing yogini wrong all this time. Ok, I’ll try. YOgini. YOgini. Whew.

  2. e says :

    What was the one terrible class?

    • beerasana says :

      Aw, I don’t want to say. Usually I can find something I like about any class, but there was one that a bunch of us really didn’t like at all. But you know, to each his own. I’ll bet some in there thought it was great. (And it definitely wasn’t a Wheeler class.)

      • Erin says :

        AWE, totally cool if it were, I am open to critiques. I totally understand..I wasn’t looking for names, more was it the style, delivery, sequencing…yoga is an art and we all clearn from each other, we are all teachers.

      • beerasana says :

        Yep, always learning from everyone. Well, you were there, so either you know it or you dug it. I liked the style fine, but the instructor seemed like an egomaniac, and the narrative seemed like an unbroken stream of rubbish, and the sequencing was not great and the cues were awful. Oh, and also the adjustments: weird random pokes and hands-laying-on for no apparent reason. I liked the music, though!

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