Hot Yoga Towels, heeeeeeeere!

Let’s help each other out. Buy a NamaSTAY yoga towel using the coupon code KATELYN and you get a fat 20% discount. Good mat towels aren’t cheap, so this is a win-win. (We get a free kitten with each coupon code purchase). The NamaSTAY towel is similar to other yoga towels but with a couple of important distinctions: first and foremost, its ends wrap around the corners of your mat, so you don’t spend your time smoothing out wrinkles and flipping it back in place during class. Second, it lacks the silicone nubs on the underside that you find in other towels, like Yogitoes, which employs them to stick the towel to the mat. With NamaSTAY’s end sleeves, they’re unecessary, so no more little bumps under your feet (#firstworldproblems #princessandthepea).

While this towel could be used with any mat, it seems to have been designed for a heavier, bigger mat, like the Manduka. At 72” X 26” it’s not quite snug on the regular Manduka Pro, which is longer and wider than a standard mat to begin with.  But word on the street is NamaSTAY will release a smaller towel within the month.

The surface is very plush and smooth, and like other mats, it works better once it starts getting damp. When dry, it’s a little slippery. If you like to wait until you’re good and sweaty to put your towel down, it is going to take a few extra seconds to get the NamaSTAY towel all tucked in. But overall, I’d say it’s my preferred hot class towel (and for some of you, every class is a hot class). It soaks up sweat better than a beach towel, and it moves around less than other made-for-yoga towels I’ve tried. NamaSTAY allows returns for up to 6 whole months of your purchase date, so if you hate it, you can send it back. Order yours here (in grey, green, orange, or pink) and don’t forget discount code KATELYN.

Enjoy, sweathogs.


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