Yogis ≠ Acrobats

ImageWe went to see Cirque Dreams last night, and I’m not going to critique the production, but I’ll say it solidified my opinion that competitive yoga is utterly unnecessary.  Yes, National Yoga Champeen Afton Carraway’s one-handed peacock was impressive, but when you see a man performing the same posture while balanced upon the head of another man, well…..and that was at the tail end of a lengthy performance during which he’d already demonstrated all manner of one-armed handstands, splits, flips and backbands, held up by another man; and when you’ve seen him in a perfect candlestick pose perched on the back of someone else’s neck, you realize that shit yogis do ain’t made for Broadway or SportsCenter.  Like I said, yoga practice is a rich and wonderful thing, but when stripped down to its postures, it’s just some Grade C gymnastics.  For great feats of strength, flexibility, balance, and smiling while ya do it, competitive yoga’s got nothing on the circus.  Or on Olympic gymnastics.

Leave it to the professionals, eh?  Yoga’s awesome, but presenting it in competition form only shows what it’s not.  I submit for your further consideration some pictures from the internet. If you need more persauding, here are a thousand more.


One response to “Yogis ≠ Acrobats”

  1. Nancy Beck says :

    I don’t know what that is but it sure ins’t yoga. This competition stuff is getting out of hand. I vote no.

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