Though Florida still discriminates against women when it comes to wearing shirts, if I (Jenny) had my druthers, male and female students could decide for themselves whether or not to throw off that wet t-shirt.  It’s absurd that men can practice hot yoga wearing almost nothing (which makes sense) while women cannot. The “reasons” propping up this archaic restriction have only to do with the sexualization of womens’ bodies, and the offensive and self-fulfilling assumption and expectation that men can only behave like juvenile morons. The fact is, when toplessness is commonplace, it ain’t no big thing.

I don’t believe in putting civil rights up for popular voting, but what do YOU think? Would you attend a class that was top-optional? Would you be freaked out if a woman practiced sans top in your hot class? Is a better solution to require that everyone wear tops? Or am I the only person in Florida who cares about this?

Watch this chick’s video about her experiences trying to practice at studios in New York, where it is legal for women to be topless anywhere men can be. Hallelujah.

Going Topless In NYC! from tinu on Vimeo.


4 responses to “Topfreedom”

  1. Nancy Hadley Beck says :

    I totally agree, Jenny. Always in Caitlin’s class I wish I could start shedding. I might not de-top myself but if the girl next to me did, I’d have to give her a big “thumbs up” for making herself more comfortable. NY has the right idea.

    • Mary says :

      If I were in Caitlin’s class, I’d be the girl next to you. Yoga without a shirt is just more comfortable. As a group, I suspect yoga practitioners of both genders, if asked, would be highly likely to shrug and say shirt-or-not was a completely gender-neutral personal choice.

  2. beerasana says :

    Thanks, Nancy!

  3. Olga says :

    I’d be the girl next to you. Yoga without a shirt is just more comfortable. Also I suspect yoga practitioners as a group are highly likely to treat it as a gender-neutral personal choice.

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