Practice at Home with Famous Teacher Types

We’re finally off to Costa Rica tomorrow night, with a nice-looking crew of 19 folks in tow. Come hell or hurricane, we are going to have an awesome time. On the home front, we’ve lined up a solid crew of teachers to cover our classes. So no excuses for skipping, you guys.

Sometimes, though, you can’t make it to the studio, and then you’ve got to rely on your own wits and willpower to push through a home practice, or, if you are witless and undisciplined, you can search iTunes or the internets for podcasts and videos.

A common home practice obstacle.

Recently we took the free 15-day trial at the yoga video site YogaGlo, which boasts a solid roster of Famous Teacher Types, including Beerasana-fave Kathyrn Budig. YogaGlo’s offerings can be searched and sorted by length of class time, style, level, and teacher. The regular subscription rate is $20/month.

We’ve only watched a few classes so far, but, for practicing, the oral cues have been thorough enough that we haven’t had to crane our necks around from down dog to look at the video. For instructors, the opportunity to pick up new sequences and ideas from some of the best around is great. Yesterday Katelyn took a Budig backbending class that looked intense, and I watched a pretty good Hatha class of Dice Iida-Klein‘s.

So, YogaGlo, recommended, probably! Take the two weeks for free and tell us what you think. And of course we have a few videos of our own up there on the right, though that collection is getting dusty. More to come.

Here’s Kathryn on YouTube demonstrating the basic Sun A.


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