Isabelle Casey: Rooted Asana, at YogaBlu October 12 & 13

Mark your calendars: Atlanta-based instructor Isabelle Casey comes highly recommended, and she’s bringing a workshop to YogaBlu. She’s been called a “protégé of Bryan Kest,” but according to her blog she doesn’t swear like a sailor, so it must be something else. Let’s find out what! The deets:

Day 1: Friday, October 12, 7–9pm:
Rooted Vinyasa Flow Intensive, $20

This class will be a taste of what Isabelle will be sharing on Saturday. She will lead a strong and steady paced, vinyasa yoga practice, infused with personal insight. This is open to all levels, but a dedicated practice is encouraged. Expect to move, sweat, invert, breathe deep, reflect, and have a good time on your mat. If you use props, bring them!

Day 2: Saturday, October 13, 1–4pm:
Rooted Asana, Lecture + Vinyasa Practice, $4o advance/ $45 day-of.

Join Isabelle for a workshop designed to clarify and focus your mind/body connection using the ancient wisdom of the Yamas and Niyamas as preparation for a physically challenging asana practice.

Yamas & Niyamas, the roots & first two of the 8 limbs of yoga, are the guidelines for conscious living. Yamas present us with the behavioral observation of our actions, while Niyamas are the actions we take concerning personal ritual. This philosophy is a deep anchor in yoga, but its practice is valuable to anything ranging from ethical practices, personal growth & skillful living. We will create the space for lecture, discussion, marinate on the knowledge, and weave it all together through a powerful vinyasa yoga practice.

Practitioners will discover a stronger and advanced physical yoga practice by first rooting in the foundations of these two philosophical limbs. Be prepared to work hard, have fun & move deeper into your practice!

*Please bring a journal if you would like to take notes.

Isabelle Casey, dragonfly, by Amy Pellerito


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