Goodtimes, St. Pete

Yoga Tampa Bay sponsored a fun event yesterday, Burgside! Tampa may be hipper and richer than St. Pete, which is why we’ll never have to host the RNC, and why have a place like North Shore Park: it’s close to everyone, there’s plenty of free parking, and the water’s only sometimes too polluted/too stinky for swimming. Hooray! Today the water was beautiful, and the breezes fooled us into thinking it wasn’t that hot, which is why my head looks like cherry compote. (Speaking of cherry compote, try it on your cedar plank salmon, if you eat the fishes, at the new restaurant of local yogi and chef Jason Kingsley: The Boundary. We went last night and everything was delicious!)

Katelyn mounts Andre.

Our favorite gay Russian, Andre Atman Sur, kicked things off with a class on the beach. Then he gave us a little break to eat (vending by the Lettuce Eat Healthy guy), before we all teamed up for some acro yoga, which Andre teaches for donations, practically year-round, at the south end of the Bay beach (near the Pier at Spa Beach).

The Yoga Energy Studio peeps were there to rent stand-up paddle boards, and a lot of us took advantage. It was a great day for the shark/manatee/dolphin-spotting trifecta, and we also saw some horseshoe crab sex (doing it prehistorical-style). Katelyn nailed a pretty long Pincha Mayurasana on the SUP board. It’s a good way to practice. The bail-out is wet.

The next BIG Yoga Tampa Bay event is Rasa-Lila Orlando (I mean, Rasa-Lila Fest Orlando 2012 presented by Flow Yoga Magazine), October 5–7. Check out the schedule. They’ve got Dice and Briohny headlining, and then basically too much cool stuff to list. A lot of cool stuff. Including Beerasana’s Sunday morning Arm Balances and Inversions in the Flow class. You’ll hear more about that as it approaches, but mark your calendars and register now.

Stuff yoga people do.


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