David Regelin at Yoga Downtown Tampa, Sept. 28–30

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” ~ Walt Whitman.

Here’s a guy with some baggage. He conducts a war of words with a journalist who wrote an unflattering piece about him. He’s critical of overly physical, popular forms of yoga, while naming his own brand Multi-Intenso™. He calls out teachers who are “yoga performers” and says yoga is no place for showing off, yet the promotional photos he uses are total beefcake. He takes himself uber-seriously, and is dismissive of teachers who incorporate the very methods he once pushed, saying he’s “moved on.”

He hated the article, but “didn’t mind the photos.”

But…I get the impression that he’s a really excellent teacher, with a lot of experience and interesting philosophies. He appears to have evolved a lot in his practice and his instruction, and he’s serious about alignment and adjustments. I’m betting he’ll be a good antidote to all the feel-good super-woo classes we’ve been getting from the Famous Teacher Types lately. And I want to learn what he’s got. He now calls his practice Vesica, and defines it thusly:

The Vesica Practice is an evolutionary thread of postures supported by a technique oriented instruction. A typical class begins with Surya Namaskar variations. What follows is an innovative sequence of postures that includes foot standing, hand standing, and seated asanas. The pace of the class ranges from fluid and dynamic, to still, measured, and organic.

The Vesica Practice combines techniques from multiple Vinyasa styles and movement modalities with Kundalini, and Nevine Michaan yoga.  Students learn to be skillful and efficient in movement, and well adjusted in postures. The Vesica Practice employs archetypal alignment principles that reveal the proportion, balance, integration, pattern, and structure inherent within each posture. The goal of the Vesica Practice is to offer a sustainable method of yoga that turns students into teachers, by developing their ability to self adjust, uplift, ground, gain clarity, insight, and become powerful and graceful practitioners.

His 4-part workshop is being hosted by Yoga Downtown Tampa. We love this studio, and its owner, Francine, who recommends David very highly. REGISTER HERE for one, two, three, or all four classes (Friday night, twice Saturday and one Sunday). They’re $35/each or $120 for the set. Claim your spot early because space is really limited.


3 responses to “David Regelin at Yoga Downtown Tampa, Sept. 28–30”

  1. David regelin says :

    Ooh , I thought of another contradiction for you guys to point out!
    if you look online you will find “beefcake” pictures of me practicing yoga with various misalignments, all the while Im going around talking about the importance of being aligned!
    Also when I was a kid I hated brussel sprouts, and now that I’m about to be a father, I fully plan on feeding my kids brussel sprouts. Me and my damn mind changing..

    • beerasana says :

      haha, yeah, live and learn, right? if we never contradicted ourselves, i guess it would mean we’ve never changed or grown. and, as the great man said, we are large, we contain multitudes.

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