Review: New Ergo Half Twist Polar Bottle Wins Best Cold Drinking in Hot Class

Safe here in the palm of my hand.

As proprietors of a minimally well-known yoga blog, we are occassionally offered free things in return for what an author or PR rep hopes is a positive review. This is pretty great for us when we like the product, but awkward when we don’t. Happily, we like these Polar Bottle water bottles.

We recieved two samples in the mail. Both bottles are insulated, BPA, Phthalate, and D/D-free, dishwasher-safe, made in America, and recyclable.

Bottle #1: The original 24-ounce Insulated Sport is a squirt bottle, unless you drink like Katelyn, in which case it is a suck bottle. If you’re a sucker, the removable valve is comfortingly big and soft. If you’re a squirter, an easy squeeze delivers an ample stream. Either way, you’re a winner.

Our bottles after a hard week of product-testing.

Bottle #2: The Ergo™ “insulated lifestyle bottle” purports to keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. So far, it’s worked. I’ve gotten into the habit of filling the bottle with water and putting it in the freezer an hour or so before hot class, and lo and behold, the water stays colder than anything I’ve used previously. Granted I’ve never before used an insulated bottle of any kind. But, now that I’ve experienced the simple joy of cold water in class, I’m into it.

However, the real Bottle News here is the Ergo’s Half Twist™ cap. Maybe because I’ve never been a real cyclist, or because I’ve usually used Nalgene bottles, I don’t really dig the squirt/suck species of bottle. The Half Twist cap solves the (first-world) problem of combining an insulated bottle with a non-squirt liquid delivery system. With the Half Twist top, a counterclockwise turn of the cap unseals the bottle so you can drink from either of two openings, while the other allows air to flow for smooth drinking. A half turn clockwise re-seals the deal. The bottle does not leak, though at least one Amazon reviewer claims it does, I think because a few droplets remain in the cap that can trickle out after sealing. A little wet spot in the bag = No Big Deal.

When I first started using it, I complained to Katelyn that it seemed like the bottle was always empty. Duh. It’s not too small, it just may have “superior drinkability!”

The Half Twist top is clear, which is cool, because you can dump it upside-down, look up, and see the water hovering halfway up, vacuum-style.

The Half Twist does take some getting used to. You have to get a feel for when it’s actually open enough to drink. You have to trust that the top’s not going to just fall off and make you look stupid and wet. It’s a little counterintuitive to unscrew something partially and upend it over your face.

The Ergo also seems a little tippy. It’s long, narrow and a bit top-heavy, which makes it nice to hold in your hand, and good for fitting in bike cages, but it’s definitely easier to knock over than similar bottles. And the Polar Bottle insulated products are always going to suffer some, style-wise, because they’re wrapped in these funny crumpled liners. But I kind of like the artlessness of it. It gives them a function-over-form kinda vibe.

Since we teach, we’ve “inherited” a lot of water bottles over the years. We have our favorites for certain reasons: for drinkability, portability, leak-proofness, taste, size, ability to display stickers, and so forth. The Ergo insulated Polar Bottle with the Half Twist is my new favorite in the category of Best Hot Class Water Bottle.


5 responses to “Review: New Ergo Half Twist Polar Bottle Wins Best Cold Drinking in Hot Class”

  1. Yoga classes in Boston says :

    I like the product, where you can buy that? I’ve been looking for a personalized tumbler like that, it is cool! great man.. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Kim Grady says :

    My husband, Joe has used them for biking for many years and swears by them. He got his at a major retailer. They are easy to clean and BPA free!

  3. Adeline Bash says :

    Thank you for the review beerasana. We are so glad you like the bottle. We are really hoping Ergo will help us break into the yoga market and its fantastic community of likeminded individuals committed to some of the same principals we’ve built our company on — healthy lifestyles that support a healthy planet.

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