A Musical Note

This is a hot button issue in the yoga world: to play or not to play music in yoga class? Here’s my dos centavos.

MC Yogi thinks music and yoga are a great fit.

I’m bi. I like it both ways. I take a class once a week with a few other people and there is no music at all. We breathe. We breathe loudly. We’re focused on every little micro movement in our bodies and lungs. It’s amazing. For what we are trying to accomplish there, music seems inappropriate. Music can also be distracting in a workshop setting where the teacher is doing a lot of talking and the students are trying to do a lot of learning. I totally understand where some teachers are coming from when they say they don’t like music in their class. But I don’t get those teachers who say that music should never be part of the practice.

I love to lose myself in a flow with some great music — I really get in the zone and forget about my worries, forget about the other students and just focus on my own breath and movement (And I don’t care what anybody says, even if the music is loud I can hear and feel my own breath). Music makes people feel. Music can make a yoga practice feel like a cosmic dance, like a meditation. It’s fun. It’s deeply relaxing. It’s yoga.

So, what’s the big fuss? Can’t we all have it our way, even if our way is both ways? Whether you are pro-, anti- or bi-musical, there are tons of yoga classes for you to try. Get out there and experiment— maybe you have an inclination you didn’t even know about.


6 responses to “A Musical Note”

  1. rafdarrow (@rafdarrow) says :

    I like my yoga with a side of music and a dash of humor. I LOVE the rare outdoor class that has live music!

  2. Jill says :

    I like my music soft and flowy or no music. I wouldn’t enjoy loud music during yoga. Speaking of haters and complainers – This morning, I actually wrote an email to the head of the Pilates/gyro/yoga studio I go to to complain, as nicely as I could, about this one guy who’s started showing up in our nice quiet meditative gyro class. He seems like a perfectly charming guy but he’s NOISY. He breaths really loud (I didn’t complain about that) and he cracks jokes all through class. He’s ruining the vibe for me, and maybe for others. I feel like an ass for mentioning it at all but i was about to quit the class because of it and decided I should at least say something before I do. The end.

    • beerasana says :

      Hey Jill, Jenny speaking here. I do like loud music sometimes in classes that are really power-flowy. I agree with what Katelyn says above about it helping you get into your own groove and drowning out, say, the loud person next to you. Speaking of, yeah, that’s a real problem. Now and then it’s happened that someone thinks it’s ok to talk, grunt and groan, and generally just draw attention to themselves all through class. it’s cool when people make some noise, we’re big animals working hard and all, and moaning/sighing/laughing happens, but it seems like a few folks just need constant attention, to the distraction of everyone else. In your case, I would recommend (besides your letter-writing campaign 🙂 just waiting it out. So far, eventually, those peeps start to tone it down or they find an environment more pampering.

      • Jill says :

        Thanks, Jennasana. That’s a good idea. Maybe the quiet of everyone else will infect him, over time.

  3. jskinner3 says :

    Music is an international language that we can all understand. Without it there is a sense of emptiness. When I teach and practice a particular style of yoga (ashtanga), it’s without music and I prefer it that way. On the other note, when I teach other styles of yoga outside of Ashtanga I play music and wide variety of it! I love stepping into a power class getting lost in the music. Like you said, it becomes meditative. I was just in Michigan for Thanksgiving and I hit up a slow flow class at Red Lotus Yoga down the street. The music selection was really good! It’s fun hearing what other teachers are into and it’s gives me a feel of how the energy will be. I got lost in the rhythm of the flow with the music that I was a little sad when it was over. In the end I asked the teacher, Tina, if she could email me her playlist after class. Hopefully she’ll remember because I’m still waiting 🙂

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