Houston, we have found the giant squid. Over.

Japanese scientists have captured the elusive and mysterious giant squid on camera in its natural environment.  And it only took them 100 missions and 400 hours in a cramped submarine under 3,000 feet of water to do it. Now, I’m not one who bemoans the space program, for example, as a waste of resources. To me, exploratory science has a purity about it. From the time we’re kids we wonder, who are we? And where did we come from? And what about that giant squid? But once we’ve landed on the moon, we’ve landed on the moon, you know? I wonder if some people alive at the time felt a sense of loss along with the sense of amazement.

The thought of mysteries existing in the great depths of the sea is creepy to some, and fascinating to others, but what do we get when we solve them? To have seen. And we can never un-see. Our friend Eric weighs in from that point of view:

There is a part of me that is really sad we finally got that footage of the giant squid. Some things are better left a mystery. Or rather, this was one of those mysteries that made earth so fascinating. Something so large and yet so elusive we couldn’t capture it — but it was always there….right under our noses… sigh…. Now that sense of the unknown is lost forever. Giant squid, we found you…

What do you think?


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