Pardon you

If you love something, set it free. I’m not thinking of the butterfly or the bird, or your child or your ex, but of you. Set yourself free. Let yourself off the hook, why don’t you? Stop punishing yourself. There’s a statute of limitations on your crimes.

You really are worthy of love. For as long as you need to, treat yourself like something that needs you. Imagine you are a damaged kitten [or puppy or baby or whatever floats your boat]. Practice nurturing the damaged kitten. Practice loving yourself in this third-party way; make sure it’s eating, sleeping, resting — be gentle with it, get it out in the sun, see the world through its fresh eyes. Treat yourself like an innocent. Habit makes character. Habitually act in your best self-interest, for as long as you need to. Practice, practice, practice, until treating yourself like someone you love is just what you do.  Because you do.



2 responses to “Pardon you”

  1. jackielgibson says :

    Wow. The timing of this is so appropriate!! Love it!

  2. pramodayoga says :

    If we talked to our friends the way we talked to ourselves we would not have any friends.

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