“It’s just you and your thoughts.”

Yoga is not an escape. It’s not gonna take away your problems or make you think, ‘Oh, everything’s perfect.’ When I’m practicing, everything that presents itself is an opportunity to use the physical practice as a mirror to look within. The thoughts that come up during practice I find are often indicative of the most repetitive psychological patterns that we have. You know, you find yourself thinking self-deprecating thoughts, or you find yourself thinking self-limiting thoughts. Or you find yourself, you know, hating yourself or uncomfortable in your body or something. During your practice, you get this opportunity to have no other excuse, so you can’t say, ‘Well, that was a trigger, they did that to me.’ It’s just you and your thoughts.

My experience is that, some days you have a practice where a lot of this inner dialogue is there, and those are the days I kind of feel like you’re actually doing a lot of the work of burning through the obstacles. Because all of those thoughts, for me, they’re like the obstacles that come up in your mind.

— Kino MacGregor

That’s what I’m talking about. (Thanks, Jade and Andre for the vid.)


2 responses to ““It’s just you and your thoughts.””

  1. jskinner3 says :

    Kino MacGregor is one of my teachers. She has a beautiful way of presenting yoga physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I find it a shame that people in the yoga community come down on her for the way she teaches Ashtanga Yoga! Those who hate really need to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they know what practicing yoga really is. Keep making videos Kino for the world to see and people to be inspired to one day step on the mat!

  2. beerasana says :

    Haters gonna hate! Seriously though Jade, the judgemental and holier-than-thou attitude some teachers put out there, at least online, makes me wonder how they have students. Lighten up, people. This is not a contest to see who’s most legit/least fun.

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