Why is time moving faster? Part 2

We got a nice discussion going on Facebook about yesterday’s post. This response seems worthy of its own entry. So, take it away, Chris Rish!


Mr. Rish

As your life goes on, each day, month and year becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of your experience. When you were 8, a year was 1/8th of your experience and that was probably a whole lot to you. As we age, each day becomes one part of the sum of our total experience. For me, a year is now 1/40th of my experience. But next year it will only be 1/41th of my life experience.

So time marches on at the same pace, but each week feels faster and faster, because compared to that sum of experience, that single measure of time, whatever it is, is less and less of your life.

I think the real trick is finding the now that can make even that smallest fraction significant. A long kiss, being in a siiick tube inside a beautiful wave, the manatee that rolls over and gives you its belly, a beam reach in a sailboat on a sunny day when it’s warm and blowing 15 knots. Everyone has their own special moments. The trick is being completely there when it’s happening. It’s one of the reasons I surf. In a very za-zen way you can only be right there in that moment doing exactly that thing on that wave or you flail completely. You might anyway.

For another example, I was at an amazing show with Marta last week. Galactic with Cory Glover played the State Theater laying down some New Orleans dumpster-funk for real. It was one of those times you can’t help but shake your butt because once the funk grabs hold of you…I think you know what I mean.

But there were quite a few people there at the show who were more interested in taping/filming the performance with their phones. The phone mediates the experience in a way and makes it derivative. Sure, you can watch it later, but were you really there when it happened, or were you hiding behind your phone?

We’re seeing more and more of this in modern life. Watch the people around you hide behind their devices at the first sign of a social situation. We’re living lives mediated instead of actually lived. That’s one reason I love the mat.

For that time we’re together in class. I can be sure, I’m really there with you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that hour. Even if it’s a smaller and smaller fraction of my life each time I see you.

Love this post, btw…

peace and aloha,



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  1. chrishco says :

    So I reblogged this (cause I do that bloggy thang too) over at http://chrisrish.com where you can read about my crazy exploits in independent film and reality tv production at a little place I call The Quacker Clamp. Enjoy!

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