Choosing to be awesome

Some people would take offense at a stranger nitpicking their spelling. And some people would take the opportunity to be awesome.

From: me
Subject: lose vs. loose

hi philipp, i really like your blog [Balanced Action]. i just subscribed so i wouldn’t miss any posts. so, i’m just trying to be helpful when i say that in almost every one of your posts you misspell the word “lose.” it’s not “loose.” this is probably only distracting to a handful of us, but since the word comes up so often i thought i’d mention it.

anyway, great work!



From: Philipp

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it! I apologize for my spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.

Thank you. Im going to work on my spelling.



From: Philipp

Hi Jenny,

Here I am again.

Went through my last couple of posts and fixed the mistakes. Oops.

I finally got it: loose = adj, lose = verb.

Hey this helped me a lot :-).

I live in Switzerland, the land of chocolate. As a sign of appreciation I would like to send you some chocolates. What type of chocolate do you prefer: Dark or milky? If you send me your address, I will send you some chocolates.



Me and chocolate

Fedexed direct from Zürich (dark)


8 responses to “Choosing to be awesome”

  1. Lora says :

    I LOVE IT! I wish I got chocolate from Switzerland. 🙂

  2. jackielgibson says :

    Man…you always get the coolest stuff! Enjoy the yummies 🙂

  3. Jill says :

    What a guy! Give that Swiss Mister a gold star.

  4. Constantin says :

    Dear Jenny
    Thanks for the lead to Phillipp’s Blog. I loved the one with the jar and the philosophy professor. And many others. Love the drawings. For others here is the link:

  5. philipp68 says :

    Awesome picture: Big smile with sparkle in your eyes. Thanks for sharing! And it all started with a spelling mistake.

  6. Nick says :

    Haha, I’m betting you were really glad that you sent him that email! 😀 By the way, i’m a little jealous, I’ve had those chocolates before and they are soooo fine!

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