Yoga and Beer

Let’s spell it out for the sake of an About page: Just what is the connection between beer and yoga? Because yoga’s practiced by a bunch of self-righteous quasi-religious acrobats, and beer drinkers are fat and unsophisticated and probably wearing baseball caps. Hm.

Through a long process of self-selection and un-selection by others, through years of purchasing and then abandoning ballcaps; over a lifetime of unchallenged atheism (until life, love, and LSD turned me agnostic); on my journey from team sports to lonely treadmills to full-blown sedentarism, I’ve usually been surrounded by people who drink. It seems to me that drinkers on the whole are a social people. We are people who love people, who need to hang out, catch up, bounce ideas, gossip, and fall down. We are a people who enjoy pushing certain boundaries of decorum and common sense, in search of bigger Truths, and bigger Fun. I believe that by and large people who drink have a strong desire for union. And the word yoga means union. So there you go.

But then there’s the flip side. Beer becomes habitual, and we get lazy, replacing most creative, healthy, and productive endeavors with drinking. We get fat. We get belligerent. We become drunks. It’s not pretty. We all know people or are people who say they want to drink a bit less, to accomplish a bit more, but habits are hard to break. The point is, I’m addicted to gambling.

So, yoga. Go to class and at the very least you’ll be doing something healthy for a couple of hours, and that’s always good, especially if they’re happy hours. A strong class is also going to leave you blissed-the-fuck-out for a while, alleviating the normal urge to relax with one or 11 beers. Third, obviously, yoga burns calories, and we beer drinkers have calories to burn.

I’ve found that slowly, as months and years pass and I practice more and teach more, I drink less beer. Now, my “less beer” is another man’s binge, but one thing we learn from yoga is that we are all where we need to be right now. Yoga practice teaches us to moderate, slowly persuades us to take better care of ourselves. Yoga meets you wherever you’re at and improves your life. And right now I’m drinking a PBR with orange juice and writing about yoga. Life is good.

Beerasana’s here to persuade you that yoga is for everyone. And I’m trying on this new slogan: Beer will not improve your yoga, but yoga will improve your beer. Especially that first one after a hot class. Bottoms up!


2 responses to “Yoga and Beer”

  1. Chris Rish says :

    With a name like Beerasana, I wonder why there isn’t a thread about the enjoyment of the frosty libation after a goodvpractice. I will buy you guys the first round after you give me a blog on the flavor of the week.

    For me, that flavor is one of my regular favorites when I can find it, the really well-balanced and drinkable Left Hand Sawtooth Ale from the Left Hand Brewery in Colorado. That’s what quenched my thirst after a really hard class yesterday afternoon.

    Miss you ladies, love you!!!

    C. Rish

  2. DiDi says :

    Love the blog! I totally agree with what you said. What the heck yoga is awesome! Yoga DOES meets you wherever you are at life and improves you via yourself.

    For loving beer & yoga! For life, cheers.

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