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Hey, I know it’s been dust and tumbleweeds over here, but we have a good reason: Beerasana’s opening a real live brick-and-mortar yoga studio. The blog won’t die; it’s just in a mini-hibernation until we open. Stay posted on all things Body Electric by visiting our website and hitting that Like button on Facebook. WE’RE PSYCHED ABOUT THIS NEW VENTURE AND HOPE YOU’LL COME SEE US!


Saturday Class At Crescent Lake!


Pose: Bird of Paradise. Drishti: Bird of Paradise

Saturday morning (12/8)  at 11am. Crescent Lake Park. 90 minutes of good, hard yoga with Katelyn. Find me in the Northwest corner.

I’ll bring: A couple of extra mats and blocks. Music. Fun flows.

You bring: Your mat. Water. A sense of Adventure.

Donations happily accepted.

Tuesday/Thursday Morning Yoga at NOVA 535

The show must go on! Starting Tuesday 12-11 (Next week, y’all!): Tuesday and Thursday mornings: Same program, different space. Katelyn will be teaching her fun flows at NOVA 535, 8:30 – 9:45am. If you haven’t seen this space, you gotta check it out. It’s gorgeous.

There is some street parking all along MLK. Come get your sweat on, and then grab a coffee at Banyan.  Parking and directions here.

Price: You Choose! Pay-watcha-can, people.


Hey yogis! We’ve got great news and bad news. The great news is, we are opening our own studio here in St. Pete. Hooray! The bad news is, our current teaching calendar has shrunk as a result. For the next couple of months we’ll be busting ass to make our new practice space killer. Meanwhile, we’ll lead donation-based classes at cool sites around the ‘Burg. Stay tuned, follow us on Facebook, and bookmark our teaching calendar for updates. We shall come back to life using secret yoga tricks! And look forward to seeing your righteous resurrections.

From Eventized: "The Coolest ’60s Japanese Batman Panel Ever?"

Eventized: “The Coolest ’60s Japanese Batman Panel Ever?”

Creatures crawl in search of blood / To terrorize y’alls neighborhood

Sister of Beerasana Jesse Miller trained and organized a crew of yogi zombies for this year’s Thrill the World, “an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of ‘Thriller’ for world records, charity, and tribute to Michael Jackson.” It is our new favorite holiday tradition. Thanks to YogaBlu for hosting our dance lessons, and expect more to come! (Gangnam Style, anyone?)

Dancing dead are Jesse, Katelyn Grady, Jenny Miller, Kelly Jackson, Christine Stineman, Missy Feathers, Mickael Boutboul and his brood. Thanks to Nathalia Estrada for documenting!

Manduka Mats and Towels are Here!

Manduka model and Waffles.

We only sell stuff we use and love, and the Manduka PRO Black Mats and eQua Mat Towels have arrived. Tampa/St. Petians: We will hand-deliver, so no shipping cost. WARNING: ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK.

Write to us at, or see us at class to order. If you want something not shown on this page (like a longer, 81″ mat or a different color), let us know and we’ll get on it post-haste. Prices include Florida sales tax.

Currently in stock: (5) Black mats; (2) Ember mats; (2) Sage mats; (1) Magic mat. Towels in every color. Did we mention that these make great gifts? Well, they do. Read More…

The Katelyn Experience™ at Home or Rooftop, #2

Beerasana’s good friend and badass yogi Emily Smith-Prance has left our ever-loving arms and the west coast of Florida for even balmier climes. On Tuesday she moved to Puerto Rico. This morning before teaching the 7am class at YogaBlu, I hopped on the interwebs to see that she had posted on my wall:

So awesomeness is doing Kate’s podcast with your new yogi neighbor on your rooftop over the ocean. Done.

*Sniff* So, this one’s dedicated to you, Em. May you enjoy many rooftop sessions with new friends.

Here it is: our second practice-at-home, downloadable mp3. Practice well, my friends!

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