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“It’s just you and your thoughts.”

Yoga is not an escape. It’s not gonna take away your problems or make you think, ‘Oh, everything’s perfect.’ When I’m practicing, everything that presents itself is an opportunity to use the physical practice as a mirror to look within. The thoughts that come up during practice I find are often indicative of the most repetitive psychological patterns that we have. You know, you find yourself thinking self-deprecating thoughts, or you find yourself thinking self-limiting thoughts. Or you find yourself, you know, hating yourself or uncomfortable in your body or something. During your practice, you get this opportunity to have no other excuse, so you can’t say, ‘Well, that was a trigger, they did that to me.’ It’s just you and your thoughts.

My experience is that, some days you have a practice where a lot of this inner dialogue is there, and those are the days I kind of feel like you’re actually doing a lot of the work of burning through the obstacles. Because all of those thoughts, for me, they’re like the obstacles that come up in your mind.

— Kino MacGregor

That’s what I’m talking about. (Thanks, Jade and Andre for the vid.)


phillip askew poster #16

There’s some video art for you. Phillip Askew and company are here this weekend to edify, entertain, and work us. The Rasa-Lila Creative Yoga Weekend presented by Yoga Downtown Tampa will be at the CL Space in Ybor. Fun starts Friday. REGISTER HERE.

Phillip Askew and Company, January 11-13 in Ybor

Phillip Askew at Mind BodyGreen

Phillip Askew at MindBodyGreen

Rasa-Lila Fest and Yoga Downtown Tampa have teamed up to create a pretty cool slate of events for the weekend of January 11, 12, and 13. We’ve been burned before recommending teachers whose classes we’ve never taken, but YDT owner Francine Messano has not let us down yet, so, let’s check out Phillip Askew!

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Yogi Hari on right association and dealing with the shit

It’s tough, especially lately, not to go negative. This election season seems more contentious, more polarizing, and more in your Face(book) than ever. Opposing opinions feel like personal attacks. We fan the flames, and fail to feel compassion or sympathy for people who we’re sure are The Problem.

But fury, however righteous, doesn’t really feel good. I hate feeling anger. Anger (and hate) create more of the same. How do we digest it all cleanly, without becoming polluted by it? How do we conduct ourselves, as responsible citizens in a participatory democracy, and as public and private people? How do our actions, words, and thoughts impact our communities and ourselves? Read More…

Anya Porter Breaks It Down

Guest column by friend of Beerasana, Rebecca Brachmann

Joy. It’s out there for sure. You see it and feel it in clichéd experiences like wedding days, mothers looking at newborn babes, and love blooming. But how often do we tap into this emotion in our daily lives? The answer, for most of us is not nearly enough. Anya Porter, the dynamo behind Breakti, is campaigning on the platform of more joy for all. She’s got my vote.

On Sunday I attended a Breakti workshop led by Anya at Evolation Yoga in Tampa. If you’re a yogi who can be described as a 70s baby, early-80s child you’ll appreciate this melding of the Sanskrit word for devotion “Bakhti” with breakdance.

Anya and The Crew at Evolation Yoga in Tampa

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David Regelin: Anglephile

This morning Katelyn and I went to David Regelin‘s second class of a four-part series over at Yoga Downtown Tampa. I’d registered us for two classes because I had a feeling we’d learn a lot, but I was a little skeptical, too.  Well, long story short, we were really impressed with the class (which was called handstands, shoulder openers, and backbending) and decided to stay for his afternoon session (arm balances and hip torture). The man came to teach. I left with that feeling about teaching that I have about writing every time I read something really good: why bother trying? I’ll never get to that level. (But then I get over it, and it’s back to the grindstone.)

Katelyn’s smiling now, but Gomukasana is her “Waterloo.”

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David Regelin at Yoga Downtown Tampa, Sept. 28–30

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” ~ Walt Whitman.

Here’s a guy with some baggage. He conducts a war of words with a journalist who wrote an unflattering piece about him. He’s critical of overly physical, popular forms of yoga, while naming his own brand Multi-Intenso™. He calls out teachers who are “yoga performers” and says yoga is no place for showing off, yet the promotional photos he uses are total beefcake. He takes himself uber-seriously, and is dismissive of teachers who incorporate the very methods he once pushed, saying he’s “moved on.”

He hated the article, but “didn’t mind the photos.”

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