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If the beat is time, flow is what we do with that time

The beat is only one half of a rap song’s rhythm. The other is the flow…The flow isn’t like time, it’s like life. It’s like a heartbeat or the way you breathe, it can jump, speed up, slow down, stop, or pound right through like a machine. If the beat is time, flow is what we do with that time, how we live through it.

– Jay-Z, from Decoded


Yogi Hari on right association and dealing with the shit

It’s tough, especially lately, not to go negative. This election season seems more contentious, more polarizing, and more in your Face(book) than ever. Opposing opinions feel like personal attacks. We fan the flames, and fail to feel compassion or sympathy for people who we’re sure are The Problem.

But fury, however righteous, doesn’t really feel good. I hate feeling anger. Anger (and hate) create more of the same. How do we digest it all cleanly, without becoming polluted by it? How do we conduct ourselves, as responsible citizens in a participatory democracy, and as public and private people? How do our actions, words, and thoughts impact our communities and ourselves? Read More…

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Balanced Action


When life overwhelms us, when our mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and we are afraid to go under, it is important to refocus on what is truly important and dear to us. The story of the “Jar of Life” tells us that even if our life feels full, there is always room for an evening with friends or family.

Why stories are important
When life gets tough a simple, well told story or metaphor can help us look at a situation with new eyes. The distilled essence how a character in a story copes with the challenges of life can teach us an important lesson. For a short moment a story helps to quiet our mind, which allows us to take a deep breath and regain some serenity. In this sense a good, powerful story can act as a wise, compassionate guide.

I hope you enjoy the story of…

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A Reluctant Namaste

Please welcome friend of Beerasana, Elisa Van Arnam! 

Sitting in the parking lot of Earthfare, I finally spied someone I thought was in need of my services, but my heart began to race and my hands started to sweat and I seriously could not believe I had to get out of my car and hand this woman “the card.”

This was so NOT the crisis I was expecting myself to have. I was surprised, disjointed; beside myself with self-doubt and incredulity.

And here’s why: I am the co-owner of an inspirational, conceptual card company called SoulKu. My partner and I created this company to facilitate deeper human connections through our conceptual card sets.

We decided to start a new blog called One Namaste a Day to “highlight” how awesome our new Namaste card sets were. They come in packs of 15 and one side says “Namaste” and the other says, “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You.”

They are meant to be handed from person to person to make everyday encounters more “sacred.” It helps to “take your yoga practice to the street,” we’d been telling potential customers…

Yet here I was…day ONE of One Namaste a Day and I was literally too afraid to get out of my car and give someone a freakin card. I’m definitely more of an introvert than my amazing SoulKu partner. I’m the designer/blogger/website person. She’s the sales force. She had been handing them out all over town with glee for over a month. Read More…

Be the Slinky.

This guest post is by Friend of Beerasana Katherine O’Hare.

I was listening to Radiolab on NPR this weekend and heard a great talk on “What a Slinky Knows.”   We all know the basic moves of a Slinky, but a deeper lesson is hidden within the ol’ Slinky. Read More…

Make Your Flaws Famous: Gaga’s Body Image Revolution

So, I guess Lady Gaga gained 25 pounds and everybody is freaking out. Showbiz media outlets have taken full advantage of Gaga’s gain to garner clicks and be assholes. Body image and eating disorders are a real problem in the US. People’s judgy attitudes—and the media’s exploitation of those attitudes—perpetuate this cycle of negativity. The Lady, who battled eating disorders in her youth, isn’t having it.

Turning shit into sunshine, she’s responded to the haterade by starting a “Body Revolution.” On her fan page, if you join, there is a whole section where you can post photos of your unique body. For research purposes I joined the site. It’s so cute! All different sizes and colors of people posting pics of themselves wearing underwears in all of their flawed glory. Read More…

Hold on Loosely

The Buddha laid it down:

1. All Life Is Suffering
2. Suffering Comes From Desire (Grasping or Craving)
3. We Can Overcome that Suffering
4. The Way to Overcome it is to Follow the 8 Fold Path

It’s not always easy, when I’m hurting, to take that step back and see the real source of my pain. But often, after some time, I can remove myself enough to see the source of my suffering and it’s always a want. I want recognition, or love, or money, or something. The harder I want it, the more out of control my emotions become; the pain more intense.

Stepping back and seeing this is calming. It’s not the end of the work. But, it helps. Often, the desire remains. But with a new-found calm I can pursue my desire more intelligently and more effectively. Some day, maybe, desires will die in me. Then, I win!

Until then, at least I have power ballads.

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